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Treatment for Wrist Pain at ICFM

Updated: Apr 29

Wrist pain can be super frustrating for those who frequently lift weights, have an occupation requiring lots of computer work, or those with jobs requiring manual labor. Wrist injuries can occur commonly when trying to catch yourself from falling. At ICFM we do treat wrist pain and if you have been keeping up with our youtube series we showed an assessment and treatment for pain in the wrist. Let’s dive more into the tips and treatments for wrist pain!

Dry Needling can be very effective for decreasing wrist pain. It can lessen pain and improve the function of the wrist by decreasing any muscle tension or trigger points that may be contributing to your pain. It also signals the brain to send pain sensitizing neurochemicals (now that is neat) to the area where the needle is placed.

Chiropractic manipulation can be effective in decreasing pain by restoring motion to the affected joints in the wrist. We utilize low force adjustments in order to improve motion, which then alsos you move your wrist easier.

Cupping can be helpful for those areas of the wrist and forearm that have tight painful muscles. The cupping decompresses the overlying soft tissue and allows oxygenated blood flow to that region! It also leaves cool marks!

IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) is a therapy in which we use a tool to help break down fascial restrictions and scar tissue. Similar to cupping, the goal of treatment is to produce a hyperemia (redness) of the skin which means bring oxygenated blood flow to the area to promote healing. What's great about using IASTM is we can have the patient move through a range of motion(s) during this treatment to improve mobility of the region and of the soft tissues.

It’s rare that we don’t give an exercise or general tip to patients before they leave the office. The goal of the exercise or recommendation is to further increase mobility or stability that we are trying to achieve through treatment.

As you can see we offer many options for treatment of wrist pain! If you are dealing with wrist pain, give us a call! We would love to help!

Check out our YouTube page to see the full wrist series!

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