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  • Marina Hedlund

What is the meaning behind "Integrative"?

Updated: Apr 29

In the early stages of brainstorming our future business, Dr. Kyle and I discussed our individual approaches to patient care. Although we both attended to the same chiropractic school, we both took different paths in our education. For Dr. Kyle, his approach to care involved hands on chiropractic adjustments along with dry needling and various other soft tissue modalities. Dr. Kyle also incorporates active rehab exercises to further help area of complaint by strengthen certain muscles, creating stability, and educating on how to move properly. Dr. Marina also utilizes adjustments that range from hands on manipulation to Activator Method, SOT blocking and drop table manipulation. Along with adjustments she utilizes soft tissue therapies like percussion massage, scraping and cupping. Dr. Marina also discusses nutritional habits and dietary changes that can help reduce inflammation and improve your lifestyle and habits. By integrating our approaches to patient care and our different skills, we can provide our community with holistic, drug-free approach to care! This is what lead us to our name, Integrative Chiropractic & Functional Medicine!



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